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Labatt's beer chills out with help from DuPont

June 15, 2005
Labatt Blue recently launched the Labatt Blue Cold One, an innovative can that, once chilled, keeps beer colder longer. The cans are wrapped with a thin, insulating layer that protects beer from heat transferred from warm hands, condensation and the outside temperature – the top three factors that cause beer to become warm."Our research confirmed that one of the top complaints of beer drinkers is that their beer gets warm too fast. It's just common sense for us to develop The Labatt Blue Cold One, a special can that helps keep beer colder for longer," noted Bob Chant, director, corporate affairs, Labatt Breweries of Canada.The "Cool2Go" wrap, developed by DuPont, is made by placing a high tech, polymer insulation between two layers of DuPont's Melinex film. This patented process results in a thin thermal barrier that keeps beer colder longer. The added layer of insulation also makes Labatt Blue Cold One cans more comfortable to hold. Additionally, the shrink wrap for the Labatt Blue Cold One cans six-pack is printed with DuPont Cyrel."The application of this technology to beer cans is a first in the world," said Susan Procaccini, DuPont Packaging Solutions. "DuPont's Cool2Go Wrap is the ideal way to keep beer colder, longer. It's essentially a high tech label – a thin thermal barrier that insulates each can of Labatt Blue, sealing the cold inside."

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