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DuPont finds portable fruits Sweet 'N Easy

Dec. 27, 2004
DuPont's Sweet 'N Easy line of portable, snackable fruits and vegetables targets 'dashboard diners' and others who may eat and run.

Sweet 'N Easy brand produce is test marketing the first product in its remarkably sweet tasting line of bite-sized fruits and vegetables to meet the needs of 72 percent of Americans who select foods that have positive health benefits, as well as the nation's population of "dashboard diners," whose lifestyles demand eating or snacking on the go. Sweet 'N Easy brand produce is a product line of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables packaged in convenient single-serve, flip-top containers for on-the-go convenience. It is pre-washed, cleaned and packaged to fit anywhere, including a standard car cup holder. Each container provides one tasty serving of fruits or veggies based on the Five-a-Day-Plan."What's truly unique about Sweet 'N Easy produce is that it fills a void for consumers who want healthy snacking on the go," said David Aupperle, Sweet 'N Easy brand produce marketing director. "Sweet 'N Easy can be dropped into a lunch box, gym bag, cup holder or purse – ready to take anywhere you need to go." The first treat in the Sweet 'N Easy brand line of snacks is grape tomatoes, which are being test marketed in the following stores and markets: Acme stores in the Philadelphia and Wilmington areas, select Safeway stores in Oakland, Calif., Jewel Food and Jewel Osco stores in Chicago, Vons in San Diego and Safeway stores in Seattle. New products in the Sweet 'N Easy produce line will be introduced into test market starting in 2005, eventually growing to a portfolio of up to 10 to 12 fruits and vegetables.Sweet 'N Easy brand produce is grown in climates that allow for consistent great taste year-round. Each fruit and vegetable in the Sweet 'N Easy produce line was selected to deliver fresh taste and grown to ensure sweetness and high quality. The produce is field-grown in compliance with USDA grade no. 1 quality standards and meets additional high standards for color, sweetness and freshness. After harvest, Sweet 'N Easy produce is carefully washed, cleaned and packaged in convenient flip-top containers. Please visit www.sweetneasyproduce.com for additional information. Sweet 'N Easy is a trademark of DuPont.

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