Kellogg Co. Rolls Out Instant Smoothie Bowls

Nov. 14, 2018
This shelf-stable product, called joyböl, features a collapsible spoon and a cup of wholesome ingredients.

Kellogg Co. is entering the increasingly popular smoothie bowl category with joyböl. This shelf-stable product features a collapsible spoon and a cup of wholesome ingredients to which the consumer adds cold water, milk or a non-dairy beverage, then stirs to make a creamy, satiating portable breakfast or snack. The initial launch is in five varieties. Four of them -- chocolate hazelnut, matcha berry, strawberry almond quinoa, and superberries and acai — come with granola clusters. The mango coconut chia includes black rice and pecans. Each bowl delivers 10g or more of protein. The new joyböl brand is launching in the U.S. and U.K., without closely aligning itself to Kellogg’s. This is likely is an effort to better appeal to its target customer, millennials, who tend to avoid Big Food brands.

However, Kellogg is expanding many of its well-known snacking brands. Cheez-It Snap’d, for example, is a range of thin, cheesy crisps. Pringles is now going wavy with two varieties — applewood smoked cheddar and fire-roasted jalapeno — of ridged potato crisps. And new Rice Krispies Treats Snap, Crackle Poppers are bite-sized chocolate-dipped squares of the famous marshmallow treat.