Bertolli Rolls Out Two New Organic Jarred Pasta Sauces

Dec. 22, 2016
Organic Fire-Roasted Garlic Marinara and Organic Five-Cheese sauces join the lineup of authentic Tuscan products.

Francesco Bertolli chose the foods he sold with pride and commitment to quality when he first opened the doors of his shop in Italy’s Tuscany region 150 years ago. That’s a tradition the Bertolli brand has continued with the creation of the new Bertolli Organic Fire-Roasted Garlic Marinara and Bertolli Organic Five-Cheese sauces. The five cheeses are: asiago, fontina, Parmesan, provolone and Romano. Manufactured by Mizkan America Inc., the two new varieties join Organic Olive Oil, Basil and Garlic and Organic Tomato and Basil sauces.

All varieties are made from sun-ripened, California-grown organic tomatoes, and cooked lightly with olive oil and other organic ingredients, locking in layers of flavor for a bright, fresh taste. Each jar represents a delicious modern interpretation of the Bertolli brand’s authentic Tuscan heritage. The restaurant-quality sauces come in shelf-stable 24-oz. glass jars and have a suggested retail price of $3.49.

Since Unilever sold the Bertolli and Ragu brands to Mizkan in 2014, the company has been aggressively growing both brands with better-for-you and culinary-inspired recipes. For example, this past summer, the company introduced Ragu Homestyle, a boldly flavored line of thick and hearty pasta sauces void of artificial ingredients.