Old Orchard Brand Announces New Summer Flavors

July 29, 2015
Cherry Limeade and Watermelon Cucumber Lemonade have joined Old Orchard’s traditional sipping favorites.

Summer is upon us, and with it comes refreshments that speak to consumers’ quest for reducing sugar. Old Orchard Brands introduces on-trend Cherry Limeade and Watermelon Cucumber Lemonade this sipping season. Both feature a 33 percent reduction in sugar while maintaining a full-flavor taste, according to the company. Old Orchard’s new seasonal flavors are made with lemon and lime juices and are sweetened with a blend of stevia leaf extract and cane sugar.

“Lemonade is pure summer in liquid form,” says Amy Bragagnini a registered dietitian and consultant to the company. “Unfortunately, many lemonade drinks are either high in sugar or sweetened with artificial ingredients so they typically don’t make my recommendation list for healthy families.” The two new drinks, which do make Bragagnini’s list, are available in shelf-stable 64-oz. multi-serve bottles with a suggested retail price of $1.99. The new options join Old Orchard’s existing line of naturally reduced-sugar Strawberry Lemonade and Country Style Lemonade.