It's a Spread. It's a Dressing. It's Sepo Sauce.

Feb. 11, 2015
Seponifiq, creators of Sepo Sauce, introduced the mayonnaise-based sauce.

When it comes to condiments, today’s consumers want bold and adventurous. In fact, opposite flavors attract. Think heat with sweet and sour with savory. The millennials, who grew up with salsa and ranch being as popular, if not moreso, as ketchup, rely heavily on such condiments to add flavor and excitement to everyday foods.

Seponifiq, developer and marketer of the one-and-only Sepo Sauce, believes this versatile mayonnaise-based sauce is just what millennials crave. It melds the flavors of balsamic, garlic, onion and pepper with just a hint of grated horseradish, yielding a balanced flavor and creamy texture that lends itself to endless versatility. Chef-inspired, the gluten-free jarred sauce is described as a bread and lettuce condiment, but it can also be used as a dip, marinade and finishing sauce for meat and seafood. Sold in 12-oz. jars via ambient distribution, a 2-tablespoon serving contains 150 calories and 15g of fat. The website price is $4 per bottle, plus shipping and handling.

There are also foodservice sizes ranging from 32-oz. to 50-gal. containers, enabling culinary professionals to zest up salads, sandwiches, sides and more.