Lunchables Enter The Breakfast Category

Feb. 4, 2015
Lunchables Breakfast offers three interactive varieties: Cinnamon Roll Dippers, Pancake & Bacon Dippers, and Waffle & Bacon Dippers.

Kraft Foods celebrated the 25th anniversary of its Lunchables line at the end of 2014. This brand created the lunch combinations category in the U.S. and has continued to innovate. With products ranging from cracker stackers to sub sandwiches to pizzas and more, the line has evolved over time to include new kid favorite items to keep bringing fun to lunchtime … and now, breakfast, too.

Lunchables Breakfast carries a tagline of “Fun to eat. No need to heat.” There are three interactive varieties. Cinnamon Roll Dippers is a 300-calorie serving of four mini cinnamon rolls, spreadable frosting and raisins. Pancake & Bacon Dippers (230 calories) and Waffle & Bacon Dippers (270 calories) are either three mini pancakes or waffles sticks with a side of syrup and Oscar Mayer Bacon Bits. Kids dip the pancake or waffle stick in the syrup and then the bacon bits. The latter contributes protein, making these two options a good source of this satiety-inducing macronutrient. The individual 2.8-3.1-oz. breakfast kits retail for about $1.59. There’s also a six-pack club store offering.