Stouffer's Mac Cups are Snack and Side

Oct. 20, 2014
Stouffer’s Mac Cups are a convenient version of the brand's heat-and-eat macaroni and cheese.

The blurring line between meal and snack was motivation for Nestlé USA to introduce Stouffer’s Mac Cups, a convenient version of its popular heat-and-eat macaroni and cheese. Tom Moe, director of marketing at Stouffer’s told The New York Times, “This notion of eating five meals a day, where consumers are grazing throughout the day depending on their need, has opened up a completely new territory.”

Sold in the freezer and designed for warming in the microwave, Mac Cups come in there varieties: Classic, Cheeseburger (which contains ground beef) and White Cheddar & Bacon. The 6-oz. cups are sold in two-packs for about $3.50. Each cup contains 230-250 calories, 11-12g of fat and 10 to 12g of protein, depending on variety.

A new commercial for the product launch shows two entrée-size boxes of macaroni and cheese nuzzling on a countertop, then sneaking behind a toaster. The Supertramp song “Give a Little Bit” plays. Soon they emerge from behind the toaster, as four of the Mac Cups follow them like ducklings.