One Degree Organics Allows Consumers to Trace Ingredients to Source

Feb. 6, 2013
The maker of sprouted breads, flours, and seeds encourages transparency with its products; every product includes a QR code that consumers can tap into on their smart phones for access a detailed life story and video of each ingredient.

One Degree Organics, makers of sprouted breads, flours, and seeds, wants consumers to know the life story of each and every ingredient in its products. Using QR code technology, consumers can use their smartphones to scan the product and be taken to a list of the products' ingredients as well as where each ingredient was sourced. Visitors to the company's website can also key in a product code to find the same traceable ingredients

The company recently introduced a line of breads, available at select grocers, which contain this QR-code traceability. 

Each of the four bread varieties -- Lentil Grain Bread, Ancient Whole Wheat Bread, Flax and Spelt Bread, Sesame Sunflower Bread – includes sprouted grain as its primary ingredient. 

Using organic vegetable matter to cultivate seeds and grains, the farmers that contribute to One Degree Organics products are able to attest to using non-genetically modified ingredients.

Suggested price of the breads is $5.49.