Lunchables Snackers Debuts Ready-To-Eat Chicken Nuggets

Jan. 28, 2013
The 255g bags of ready-to-eat chicken nuggets are part of Kraft's Lunchables Snackers "Lunchables without a drink" line.

Kraft Foods Group Inc., Northfield, Ill., continues to evolve the Lunchables brand. Its most recent concept focuses on kids' favorite protein: the chicken nugget. Lunchables, as the name suggests, debuted in 1988 as a single-serve, multi-component lunch-time meal kit for children. No prep was required, making it a simple solution for filling the school lunchbox. But this most recent entry is a family-sized snack bag of fully cooked, no-need-to-heat chicken nuggets.

New Lunchables Snackers are part of the brand's growing "Lunchables without a drink" line. The 255g bags of ready-to-eat chicken nuggets come in Original and Honey BBQ varieties. Front package panels tout the fact that these chicken nuggets contain only white meat and that a serving is an excellent source of protein. The product is sold alongside other Lunchables products and is positioned as a convenient family-sized snack, but it serves just as well as a solo-meal for teen boys who never seem to get satiated. Moms of tots should also find the resealable bag makes this a convenient snack to satisfy their little ones' hunger pangs.

The product is rolling out nationally, with initial distribution through Walmart stores. The suggested retail price for a 9.8-oz. bag, which is described as containing three servings, is $3.99.