Hormel Sandwich Makers Makes Enjoying A Hot Sandwich A Little Easier

March 7, 2013
Hormel Sandwich Makers come in five varieties and can be found in the refrigerated heat-and-eat meat case.

Sandwiches are a staple in most homes, but enjoying a hot sandwich from your own kitchen can be a rare treat. Hormel Foods LLC, Austin, Minn., is changing all this with the rollout of Hormel Sandwich Makers.

Merchandised in the refrigerated heat-and-eat meat case, Hormel Sandwich Makers come in five varieties: Chicken with Barbecue Sauce, Chicken with Buffalo Style Sauce, Meatballs in Marinara Sauce, Seasoned Pork with Barbecue Sauce and Sloppy Joe Barbecue Sauce with Beef. Packages carry the tagline "Just add your favorite bun" and come with simple instructions: 1. Heat, 2. Add Bun, 3. Eat. Each 7.5-oz. pack is said to be enough to fill two buns.

This product appeals to the growing number of adults who eat meals alone. According to market research firm The Hartman Group Inc., Bellevue, Wash., eating alone is fast becoming the new normal. The Hartman Group's analysis of how we eat as a culture shows that today a fairly astounding 46 percent of all adult eating occasions (up from 44 percent in 2010) are undertaken alone. Companies who continue to market to traditional family occasions are missing out on the emerging possibilities concealed within the eating-alone occasion for a vast number of adults. Hormel Sandwich Makers is one such meal solution.

The suggested retail price is $1.99.