Tabatchnick Fine Foods Sets The Table For Breakfast With Oatmeal Singles

Oct. 11, 2012
National soup brand Tabatchnick Fine Foods is making headway in the breakfast market with its Oatmeal Singles line of single-serve frozen oatmeal.

Fourth-generation soup-maker Ben Tabatchnick is setting his alarm clock a little earlier these days. The CEO of Somerset, N.J.-based Tabatchnick Fine Foods, America's oldest family-owned national soup brand, introduces Oatmeal Singles, a line of single-serve frozen oatmeal. Calories range from 220 to 240 per 8-oz. serving, with up to 5g of dietary fiber per serving and no cholesterol.

Varieties include: Maple Syrup & Brown Sugar, Apple Cinnamon, Wildberry, Old Fashioned, and Cinnamon Spice – for youngsters with finicky tastes and adult oatmeal lovers wanting variety.

"Our all-natural, kosher Oatmeal Singles, made with steel cut oats, offer consumers a great-tasting, healthy choice to start the morning, since they're high in fiber and low in calories and sugar," says Tabatchnick. "Oatmeal Singles also are easy to prepare, ready in less than four minutes in the microwave. And since Oatmeal Singles are microwavable, they're 'kid-friendly' when it comes to preparation, hopefully giving moms a rare chance to get a little extra sleep."

Tabatchnick points out that oatmeal appeals to health-conscious, weight-conscious consumers wanting portion-controlled foods, as well as parents who recognize the importance of providing their children with a healthy breakfast.

Suggested retail price is $1.99 to $2.29.