Oregon Seafoods' Sea Fare Pacific Expands With 'Sporty' Pouch

Nov. 20, 2012
Oregon Seafoods believes consumers are going to not only love its tuna and seafood products for their premium quality taste, but consumers will love them for their natural, wild-caught environmental goodness.
Coos Bay, Ore.-based Oregon Seafoods  introduces Sea Fare Pacific 3-oz. Sport Pouch in three varieties, including Smoked Albacore Tuna, Sea Salt Albacore Tuna and Smoked Alaskan Red Sockeye Salmon. Mike Babcock, owner of Oregon Seafoods, says he is excited with the new Sport Pouch in part because, "The Sport Pouch is a smaller, more convenient package that reaches a different retail sector from the grocery channels," he explained.  "Our four original Sea Fare Pacific products are jumping onto the shelves so I thought the Sport Pouch would be a natural next step."   Oregon Seafoods supports standards that promote certified sustainable efforts such as Dolphin Safe, Line Caught, BPA Free and Small Footprint. It also promotes West Coast fishing families, which includes line-catching its albacore off the pristine Oregon, Washington and California coastlines one at a time with a hook and line to keep the earth and ecosystem safe.Suggested retail price ranges from $3 to $4.95.