Core Power High-Protein Milk Shake Includes Real Milk and Honey

Aug. 21, 2012
Provides the ultimate in workout recovery with honey and 20 percent whey and 80 percent casein, the same ratio naturally found in milk.
Whether you have just wrapped up a high intensity kick boxing workout, a long run, a bike ride or just a relaxing walk after a full day, nothing supports rapid recovery than the smooth, clean taste of Core Power from Fair Oaks, Ind.-based Fair Oaks Farms Brands, which is owned by an independent group of 87 American family farmers dedicated to producing the highest quality health and wellness products in a way that is responsible to the health of people, our environment and the planet. This high protein milk shake starts with fresh, natural, top quality real milk and honey and is never made from powdered protein that leaves a chalky aftertaste. Core Power's unique ratio of 20 percent whey and 80 percent casein is the same ratio naturally found in milk. Core Power is available in 26g and 20g protein versions and comes in 11.5oz recyclable plastic bottles. It is aseptically packaged so it can be distributed in a shelf stable environment until chilled before consumption. Its taste profiles are enhanced through the addition of natural sweeteners and high quality flavors. Varieties include: Honey 26g, crisp, clean and refreshing, honey's natural energy comes from both fructose and glucose; Chocolate 26g & 20g, the intense, comforting and flavorful characteristics of chocolate milk; Vanilla 26g, satisfyingly and reminiscent of the rich goodness of vanilla ice cream; and Strawberry Banana 20g, Vibrant strawberry and fresh, smooth banana, sweetened with just a touch of honey. All five drinks are lactose-and gluten-free."Core Power is produced and marketed by our unique cold filtration process which allows us to increase the amounts of protein and calcium is a true innovation in the dairy category," says Steve Jones, CEO at Fair Oaks Farms Brands. "Core Power replenishes strength and builds lean muscle after a workout. It's a perfect recovery drink for everyone from the elite athlete to those just trying to keep fit." The line is delivered in select markets via Coca-Cola Refreshments' world-class distribution system. "At Coca-Cola we believe in providing a wide range of options that help empower consumers to make the beverage choice that best suits their lifestyle, occasion and need," says Julie Francis, chief commercial officer, Coca-Cola Refreshments. "Lending our distribution and marketing expertise to help deliver new Core Power to consumers is another way to provide customers and consumers with additional beverage choices."