RedCo Foods Introduces Red Rose Tea Sunset Spice

Dec. 12, 2011
Red Rose Tea Sunset Spice is RedCo Foods' newest black tea flavor in its Specialty Selections product line.

Little Falls, N.Y. –based RedCo Foods introduces Red Rose Tea Sunset Spice, its newest black tea flavor in the Specialty Selections product line. To create this bold new flavor, Red Rose Tea reached out to its consumers and asked them to conduct taste testing in their own homes, their natural tea-drinking environment. The consumer feedback was then incorporated into the development of Red Rose Sunset Spice Tea.

Rich layers of orange notes, cinnamon and a touch of cardamom give this Ceylon tea its signature taste and aroma. Sunset Spice warms the soul with a delicate balance of spices and citrus, and provides tea drinkers with a soothing blend.

"Red Rose Tea drinkers have been sharing memories over a cup of tea for generations, and now they can do so while sipping a new flavor they helped to perfect," says Michele Peters, brand manager for Red Rose Tea. "Sunset Spice offers tea drinkers something to ‘spice' up their day, and it builds on the tradition of Red Rose Tea – making even the smallest moments into special memories."

Suggested retail price for a 40-count box is $3.75.