Harris Ranch Rounds Up Natural Angus Ground Beef

May 9, 2011
Harris Ranch introduces frozen Angus ground beef patties and refrigerated chubs in multiple lean points.
Just in time for warmer weather and prime grilling season, Selma, Calif.-based Harris Ranch introduces frozen Angus ground beef patties and refrigerated chubs in multiple lean points for crave-able, juicy burgers and other recipes. Harris Ranch's new Natural Angus Ground Beef Patties are available in both 81/19 and 85/15 lean points. The 3-lb pound re-sealable packages contain nine, one-third pound patties that feature a natural, hand-made shape. The easy-to-open and easy to re-seal bag lets home cooks use what they need when they need it, with no mess. The 1-lb refrigerated Natural Angus Ground Beef Chubs are available in 81/19, 85/15 and 90/10 lean points. Angus cattle are known to produce well marbled, more tender and flavorful beef. Not many beef companies can truly claim they control all aspects of production, but Harris Ranch has built a uniquely integrated company where they control cattle sources, feeding and humane processing. The result is beef with consistent flavor, texture and juiciness, perfect for grilling, browning or as an ingredient in your favorite dish. Harris Ranch's beef cattle spend about 80 percent of their lives grazing on western ranch lands before being finished on a nutritionally balanced diet of corn and other feed grains, plus alfalfa hay, vitamins and minerals. This helps add tenderness, flavor and juiciness to all Harris Ranch beef products. "Our market research shows consumers place Angus beef in a category by itself," says Brad Caudill, vice president of marketing. "It is what many think of as 'the good stuff.' We want to make Angus beef easy and convenient for people to use any night of the week."Suggested retail price for frozen patties is $9.99 to $11.99, and refrigerated chubs are $3.99 to $5.99.