MySkoopz Inc. introduces Skoopz Sugar Substitute

Jan. 18, 2011
Skoopz is a 100 percent, all-natural, economically-priced sugar substitute
Eating simple and sweet is getting a little easier with Skoopz, a 100 percent, all-natural, economically-priced sugar substitute, from Atlanta-based MySkoopz Inc.A perfect option for consumers seeking a no-calorie, chemical-free alternative to sugar, Skoopz is gluten free and diabetic friendly. While the skoopz formula is proprietary, the sweetener is a combination of all-natural ingredients, including: Erythritol (naturally occurring; found in melons and grapes); Malitol (naturally occurring; contains 90 percent of the sweetness of sugar);  Maltodextrin (derivative of corn starch; gives natural "feel" of sugar); Xylitol (naturally occurring in many fruits and vegetables; possesses same sweetness and texture as sugar); and stevia (derived from herb in the Chrysanthemum family; extracts from Stevia leaves are incredibly sweet).Creators James Highsmith and Mark Benveniste came up with the name Skoopz. As Benveniste says, "You go into a shop and say, 'Can I get a vanilla latte with two scoops."' The company chose orange for their packets to contrast with the blue, pink, and yellow packages already in restaurant sweetener caddies and the green used by Cargill and Merisant."Consumers are searching for sugar alternatives that are all-natural as well as economically priced. That is one reason the all-natural category is the fastest-growing segment of the sugar substitute market," says CEO Highsmith. "We fill a gap, providing an all-natural, great-tasting product that delivers the look, taste and feel of sugar. Consumers don't have to give up taste when searching for healthier alternatives to sugar, and they shouldn't have to pay a fortune for an all-natural sweetener."Available in select markets and online, the suggested retail price is $3.59 to $3.99 for a 50-count single-pack box, and $5.98 to $7.59 for a 100-count box.  .