Woodford Reserve Limited Edition Maple Wood Finished Bourbon

Nov. 29, 2010
Brown-Forman adds limited edition Woodland Reserve Maple Wood Finish to its Master's Collection of rare whiskeys.
Louisville, Ky. – based Brown-Forman Corp. adds limited edition Woodland Reserve Maple Wood Finish to its Master's Collection of rare whiskeys which extend the category in bold new directions. This whiskey is one of is the industry's first bourbon to be finish aged in barrels made from sugar maple wood. Barrels play a key role in producing bourbon, with approximately 70 percent of the spirit's flavor and aroma and all of its color provided by the barrel."Sugar maple trees have a complex natural chemistry, rich in calcium, potassium and other minerals, but they are best known for their flavorful sap which contains as much as 3% sugar," says Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Chris Morris. "Though it was thought that whiskey barrels could not be crafted from sugar maple wood, our Brown-Forman Cooperage has done just that. Of all the distillers in our industry, we are the only bourbon company that crafts its own barrels, giving us unique knowledge and control of the process. The Master's Collection Maple Wood Finish uniquely finish-ages Woodford Reserve in a toasted, not charred, maple wood barrel, resulting in a whiskey enhanced with hints of maple, honey and cinnamon." Every year, one of the five sources of flavor is changed for the Master's Collection expressions. These five sources – grain, water, fermentation, distillation, and wood aging – are unique to bourbon whiskey, and altering just one of them creates a totally new flavor profile. "Bourbon must be matured in new, charred oak barrels, and in our quest to fully understand the contribution oak wood makes to bourbon, we have studied other Kentucky hardwoods as well," explains Wayne Rose, brand director for Woodford Reserve. "This has led to some exciting discoveries and innovative barrel finish concepts. One of these – Maple Wood Finish – is a first for the spirits industry and has resulted in an amazing, elegant whiskey." Tasting Notes include: Golden brown color; Rich and sweet aroma with hints of brown sugar glazed baked apricots, milk chocolate and fresh toasted oak; Taste is warm with cinnamon spice, faint hints of maple syrup, berry fruit and a touch of nuttiness; and its Finish is crisp with delicate maple syrup notes lingering on with a touch of warm fruit. Woodford Reserve Maple Wood Finish is available in 45 U.S. markets, and a limited quantity in Canada, the UK, Belgium, France, Germany, New Zealand and Australia. Suggested retail price for each individually hand-numbered 94.4 proof 750ml bottle is $89.99. Please enjoy your bourbon responsibly.