Guilt-Free Healthy Protein Chocolates

May 27, 2010
Benedetto Protein Chocolates are the first confection to be categorized in the protein bar category.
Do you want to indulge in guilt-free, all natural, delicious protein marshmallow, caramel, crème and crunchy confections enrobed in decadent dark chocolate (63 percent cacao)?You can with Benedetto Protein Chocolates from Los Angeles, Calif.-based Benedetto Foods. It is the first confection to be categorized in the protein bar category. Right out of the box, it received the Rand Labs Gold Medal as the 2010 Protein 1st Award Winner.Using all natural methods, Benedetto delivers more protein per gram than any known protein bar, drink, gel, or meat, yet it has decadent flavor and texture. Just one serving provides (on average) 38 percent of the daily protein requirement recommended for active women, based on a 2,000-calorie diet.Benedetto, which means "blessed" in Italian, is not just food, it is a philosophy of life harkening back to the lost medical wisdom of the ancients embodied in the teachings of the legendary School of Salerno, Italy, which believed in teaching preventative methods for optimal health via prescribing healthy food and exercise. Benedetto aims to restore this wisdom to the world today by using the aid of modern research and technology."The proprietary technology and revolutionary formulation used in Benedetto removes up to 90 percent of the ‘candy' in these designer protein chocolates," says Co-Founder Jeremy Gines. "This is our contribution to society to aid in the prevention of juvenile diabetes and obesity."Suggested retail price for a 3-pack is $19.95.