McCormick and Co. Makes Dinner A Cinch With Perfect Pinch

April 20, 2010
Perfect Pinch Seasoning Blends from McCormick & Co. are a quick and simple way to inspire delicious, creative meals any day of the week.

Perfect Pinch Seasoning Blends from McCormick & Co., Sparks, Md., are a quick and simple way to inspire delicious, creative meals any day of the week. With 18 seasoning blends, including five salt-free varieties, adding flavor has never been so easy. Just add a main ingredient and dinner's a cinch.

Perfect Pinch varieties include: Basil & Garlic Seasoning, a bold pairing of basil and garlic; Cajun Seasoning, a spicy mix of red peppers, onions and garlic; Caribbean Jerk Seasoning, a sweet and spicy blend of red and black pepper, along with other select spices and herbs; Lemon Herb Seasoning, a combination of lemon, basil and oregano; Lemon & Pepper Seasoning, a popular duo; Mediterranean Herb Seasoning, rosemary and oregano; Original Chicken Seasoning, classic flavors of peppers and onion; Parmesan Herb Seasoning, Italian herbs and cheeses; Roasted Garlic & Bell Pepper Seasoning, an enticing blend of garlic and red bell pepper; Rotisserie Chicken Seasoning, a blend of specialty spices; Salad Supreme Seasoning, a flavorful mix of Romano cheese, sesame and poppy seeds, paprika and more; Steak Seasoning, a blend of paprika, garlic and onion; and Vegetable Seasoning. Salt Free Varieties include: Salt Free Garlic & Herb Seasoning; Salt Free Garlic Pepper Seasoning; Italian Seasoning; Salt Free Original Seasoning and Salt Free Savory All Purpose Seasoning.

McCormick will help you explore new flavors that mirror your mood with the new interactive Perfect Pinch Meal Composer, complete with almost 100 recipes for any night of the week. To use the Meal Composer, McCormick's version of "Menu Math," first determine your "Recipe Personality" and then pick a main ingredient like beef, seafood or vegetables.

Suggested retail price is $2.79 per bottle.