Crave Foods Brings Samosas to the American Dinner Table

Jan. 12, 2010
Savory spice-laced Samosas from Crave Foods will soon be available in the freezer case of Whole Foods Markets on the West Coast.
Los Angeles, Cal.-based Crave Foods brings Samosas, the savory spice-laced delicacies from India, beyond the confines of gourmet Indian restaurants and into the freezer case of Whole Foods Markets on the West Coast. These delicate and addictively delicious triangular treats are available in six different varieties. For vegetarians, Crave Veggie Samosas showcase potatoes, onions and peas with fresh ground coriander, cumin, and mustard seeds with a touch of chili powder and lemon juice, and Crave Cinnamon Sweet Potato combines brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg, while Crave Feta Cheese and Spinach includes the inspired addition of cream cheese to round out the fresh spinach, parsley and Greek feta cheese flavors. For omnivores, there are Halal-certified Crave Zesty Chicken Samosas (ground chicken, onions, serrano peppers, garlic and salt), Crave Savory Beef, and traditional Crave Sizzling Lamb.As with any true delicacy, "God is in the details" and it's the quality of the dough that makes these award-winning samosas truly epicurean. Made with only water, unbleached wheat and malted barley flour and salt, the dough is formed into thin sheets and wrapped around each filling three times for a uniquely crisp and delicate texture. A custom-made machine wraps each samosa within minutes after cooking and then they are immediately frozen for a baked or fried offering."Samosas are one of the most beloved foods throughout the Indian sub continent and Africa, and it is my mission to make them just as popular in the U.S.," says Riaz Surti, the Bombay, India-born founder of Crave Foods. "My goal was to make the most premium authentic samosas ever. Being nominated for Best Food in Show at Natural Products Expo West helps, but I think we've succeeded!" Suggested retail price is $4.99 for an 8 oz box of eight.