All-Natural Goats' Milk Yogurt Requires a Shake and a Stir

Jan. 12, 2010
Mt. Capra Products introduces Yo-Quick instant, all-natural goats' milk yogurt.
In a breakthrough for health food fans and yogurt-lovers, Chehalis, Wash.-based Mt. Capra Products introduces Yo-Quick, instant, all-natural goats' milk yogurt, a true powdered product that requires only the addition of water and a vigorous shake to produce a delicious, high-energy treat."The product's advantages are obvious," says President Frank Stout. "Yo-Quick requires no refrigeration, and it's convenient to carry. Kids can take it to school, parents can take it to work, and anyone can take it along on a camping trip."Available in three flavors -- Strawberry, Blueberry and Vanilla, Yo-Quick does not require refrigeration. Mt. Capra Products maintains a large herd of free-range goats whose food contains no insecticides, herbicides, growth hormones, chemical fertilizers or antibiotics. The company's products incorporate organic and natural ingredients only. "Goats' milk is naturally high in probiotics, the active culture in all yogurts," adds Stout, "but this product delivers health benefits with a probiotics content that is three times or more higher than that of most yogurts available commercially today."Suggested retail price is $1.50.