Prebiotics and Probiotics For Baby Promote Balanced Digestive System

Sept. 23, 2009

New York-based HappyFamily introduces HappyMelts, the first infant food boosted with both prebiotics and probiotics to promote a balanced digestive system, the foundation for a strong immune system.

HappyMelts is a naturally sweetened, freeze-dried yogurt snack that melts in baby's mouth and is easy to pick up and swallow. Varieties contain organic fruit and organic yogurt, are gluten-free, fortified with calcium and vitamin D, high in protein, low in sugar and contain no artificial colorings or flavors and no GMOs. They do contain over two billion live and active probiotic cultures.

Probiotics have been shown in some studies to reduce the severity of diarrhea and certain allergies in children, and prebiotics work in conjunction with the probiotics to encourage the development of these gut-friendly bacteria. The consumption of pre- and probiotics together has been linked to a decrease in the number of respiratory infections in some children. To ensure optimal nutrition, Dr. Robert Sears, noted pediatrician and author, worked with the team to develop HappyMelts.

Varieties include: Banana Mango, Strawberry and Mixed Berries (blackberries, blueberries, strawberries). They are packaged in a resealable, 1-oz. bisphenol-A free foil bag.

Available at Babies R Us, Whole Foods and Target, the suggested retail price is $3.69 to $4.19. The company collaborates with Project Peanut Butter ( to feed malnourished children in Malawi and Sierra Leone.