Uncle Ben's Makes It Possible to Dine In Far-Away Places At Home

June 22, 2009

In a recent Food Marketing Institute (FMI) survey of grocery shoppers, 94 percent of people say they make an effort to eat healthy. And with the current state of the economy, 71 percent of families say they’re eating at home more, according to Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert.

Combine these two trends with the fact that consumers are always looking to expand their palates, and Rancho Dominquez, Calif.-based Mars’ Uncle Ben’s brand has rolled out two tasty options allowing consumers to discover the tastes of India and Thailand in just 90 seconds.

Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice Basmati, a long-grained rice with a fine texture reminiscent of rice from India has a nutty flavor and aroma, while Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice Jasmine is a long-grained, aromatic rice evocative of Thailand.

Both products are American Heart Association Certified, cholesterol-free, excellent Sources of thiamin and folate, a good source of niacin, contain 0g trans fat, no saturated fat, and are very low in sodium.