Serve Up Milkshakes with the Shake of a Hand

May 20, 2009

MolliCoolz has unveiled Shakers, a refreshing treat that combines ice cream technology, milk and the shake of a hand to produce the perfect milkshake. Shakers, the latest creation in MolliCoolz’s frozen ice cream product line, are distributed as single-serving containers filled with pelletized ice cream beads. Individuals simply add milk to the Shakers container, replace the lid and “shake it like you mean it” for a few seconds. The pelletized ice cream beads, frozen through the aid of liquid nitrogen technology, are specially formulated to soften and mix with milk, producing a consistent and convenient milkshake experience. 

Shakers are currently available in four flavors — vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and cookies 'n cream. Designed as an after-meal treat or anytime snack, Shakers are a no-mess alternative for any occasion. MolliCoolz’s pelletized ice cream beads are produced through its patented technology that allows the small beads to exist in a free-flowing pelletized form at normal ice cream temperatures. MolliCoolz products are made with fresh cream and natural flavoring.