Hot Exotic Flavors Meet Frozen Dairy Desserts

May 19, 2009

The Nestlé brand has introduced a new line of scoopable frozen dairy dessert and refreshing fruit bars, Nestlé Delicias Paletas and Helados. The new Delicias brand delivers the tropical and exotic flavors that Hispanic families love directly to their local grocery freezer aisles.
The new Nestlé Delicias launch will be supported by out of home advertising and a national TV campaign on the Univision network, beginning May 18 through August 30. The TV day-part mix primarily includes daytime, fringe and primetime, as well as some early morning and early news.
Nestlé Delicias paletas are available in seven tropical, exotic flavors, among them Mango, Coconut, Pineapple, and Tamarind.  The brand also features quart-size frozen dairy dessert in six flavor varieties, including the unique flavors Tres Leches and Arroz con Leche.

The Nestlé Delicias brand is currently available in select markets nationwide, including all Kroger, HEB and Safeway chain banners.