A Crunchy, Cheesy Snack the Size of Golf Balls

May 6, 2009

Building on its track record as the most mischievous and playful snack brand in the world — not to mention a rich history of cheesiness — PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division launches Giant Cheetos snacks, one of the biggest innovations in snacks.

Created by Chester Cheetah and the Plano, Texas-based creative Cheetos development team, Giant Cheetos provide the cheesy taste consumers love, but are roughly the size of golf balls and stand as the perfect expression of the brand's playful personality.

Available nationwide in Cheese and Flamin' Hot flavors, the brand anticipates the oversized snack sensation to be a two-bite-per-cheesy-ball experience for the average consumer … while recognizing that more-evolved snackers, or “big mouths,” will be able to enjoy them in a single chomp.

The launch of Giant Cheetos comes as the brand adjusts its positioning to target adult consumers, with a focus on providing more play time as a release from everyday life. In fact, contributing to the product's development were consumer insights that point to a desire by adults for more fun in their lives and a recognition of the need to lighten up.

As an added avenue for consumers to lighten up and play more, Cheetos re-launched its Web site — www.cheetos.com — earlier this year as a virtual online playground of non-traditional “toys” with primary appeal to adult consumers. It includes interactive video games, a Cheetos look-alike analyzer (that allows fans to determine which historical figure or iconic object their Cheetos snack resembles) and an "office pinata" that can be customized into a desired person (and allow users to take out their frustrations without hurting anyone). In observance of National Humor Month, the brand offered a series of tips for consumers to enjoy Giant Cheetos and unleash their lighthearted side.