New Marinades Deliver Unique Flavors, Increase Yield

March 4, 2009

Advanced Food Systems has launched a new range of SeasonRite Marinades to add trendy new flavors, while increasing yield and value, in beef, chicken, fish, shellfish and pork products.  Flavor varieties include Chili Lime Garlic, Caribbean, Buffalo, Hoisin, Kim Chi, Wine Herb, Memphis BBQ, and many more.

These versatile marinades can be used in fully-cooked, frozen/refrigerated, microwaveable, raw refrigerated and ground products.  Versions are available for tumbling, injecting and static soaking.  Custom types can also be provided with natural binding systems, with reduced sodium, or without phosphates.

SeasonRite Marinades are a cost-effective means to add value and variety to existing products or to create entirely new product lines.  Advanced Food Systems offers full technical and culinary capabilities to customize SeasonRite Marinades to match specific requirements.