Rock Star Chips Serve Up a Reminder: 'Don’t worry, be hippie!'

Feb. 23, 2009

New York City-based Rock-n-Roll Gourmet launches Hippie Chips, ultra-light, super-crisp potato chips with hemp. natural, kosher and with only 90 calories per serving, Hippie Chips have 0 cholesterol, no trans fat and 50 percent less fat than regular potato chips because they’re baked — not fried.

Available in four flavors — Sea of Love Salt, Memphis Blues Barbecue, Lime is on My Side Cracked Pepper, and Haight-AshBerry Jalapeno — Hippie Chips include hemp, which adds a tasty twist.

As life-long rockers and musicians, co-founders Dan and Jean Ehrlich, have been attending and playing at music venues and festivals for years. Confronted with many unhealthy snack food choices, they saw the need for a healthy snack alternative and created Rock-n-Roll Gourmet. They are committed to promoting music by featuring up-and-coming artists on the back of every bag. Flip a bag over and check out the “Music Showcase” section—different on every flavor and size—and a new set of artists roll out every 100,000 bags.