Portion-Controlled Cheesecake is Decadence in a Jar

Feb. 23, 2009

Consumers are looking for controlled portions, and even though everyone loves dessert, that is the part of the meal where a little bit of Heaven can be just the ticket. But self-control can be a challenge –particularly when it comes to cheesecake. Consumers tend to buy a full-size cheesecake and then seriously overestimate the proper size of a slice, or they even tend to consume more than one.

However, Grand Junction, Colo.-based Decadence LLC used its expertise and a unique team to confront the challenge of a portion-controlled cheesecake.

Shrink-wrapped and packed in their own thermal cooler to arrive at their best for your enjoyment, a six-pack of small sizes (around a half oz), has another advantage. You can try a different flavor of cheesecake every evening, rather than being stuck with a dozen slices of one flavor.

Yummy exotic flavors include: Blackberry/Cabernet Six Pack (Gluten-Free) – A no-crust with a Blackberry/Cabernet puree swirled throughout the cheesecake and topped with a chocolate ganache; Blueberry/Merlot Six Pack (Gluten-Free) – A no-crust with a Blueberry/Merlot puree swirled throughout the cheesecake and topped with a chocolate ganache; Pear /Chardonnay Six Pack – Pears poached in Reeder Mesa Vineyards Chardonnay are pureed and incorporated into the cheesecake, on an Almond Biscotti Crumb crust; Port/Fig with Currant Sauce Six Pack – Figs poached in port combined with almond Biscotti and a port reduction sauce swirled throughout the cheesecake; Vineyards Sampler Six Pack variety pack; and Custom Six- Pack – Create your own variety pack.

Suggested retail price is $25.95 to $29.95.