New Yogurt combines Probiotic Cultures with Acai

Feb. 20, 2009

Minneapolis-based General Mills launches Yoplait Yo-Plus Blueberry Acai, combining live active probiotic cultures with Acai, the latest flavor craze.

According to a recent Yo-Plus survey, nearly two-thirds of women are familiar with probiotics, a strong indication that this health trend continues to gain momentum as women become more aware of their options for healthy eating. Yoplait Yo-Plus contains Bifidobacterium Bb-12 plus the live and active yogurt cultures L. bulgaricus and S. thermophilus. It also contains a natural dietary fiber, with 3g per 4-oz serving, which provides digestive health benefits when eaten regularly, and is a good source of calcium and vitamins A and D.

Suggested retail price is $2.79 for a 4-pack.