New Herbals Pave the Way for A Children’s Tea Party

Feb. 19, 2009

The Republic of Tea, Novato, Calif., introduces Little Citizens’ Herb Teas, the first line of naturally caffeine-free, organic rooibos-based, fair trade-certified (by TransFair USA) herbal teas for children.

Varieties, which include Strawberry Vanilla Tea, Tangerine Tea and Apple Cherry Tea, are made from organic rooibos or red tea, a naturally caffeine-free, anti-allergenic herb from South Africa, recognized for remarkable antioxidant properties and as an aid to the immune system. Rooibos is paired with herbs (not standard commodity tea herbs) and natural ingredients to produce each tin, which contains 36 unbleached, round tea bags, free of unnecessary strings, tags or stables.

Each label depicts a fanciful, richly colored image of mascot Bamboo the panda bear and his animal friends enjoying tea and books in exotic locations including India, South Africa and Vietnam.

Suggested retail price is $10.50, so the cost per serving is less than 30 cents per tea bag.