Energy Chews Offer a Quick Caffeine Fix

Jan. 28, 2009

Vroom Foods Inc., Costa Mesa, Calif., introduces Buzz Bites Chocolate Energy Chews and Buzz Bites Mint Chocolate Energy Chews for people who want to get a quick caffeine fix on the go.

Buzz Bites contain a proprietary blend of caffeine, ginseng, taurine and B vitamins to help enhance performance, increase endurance and stimulate metabolism. One Buzz Bite contains 25 percent more caffeine than an entire energy drink, while offering more energy producing ingredients — at about one-sixth of the price.

Convenience also makes Buzz Bites attractive and beneficial to consumers. No more hassle of making a cup of coffee or running through a drive-thru for an over-priced latte. And no more worries about spilling hot coffee or a sticky energy drink while driving. Unwrap a cube, and you are on your way. A six-piece tin of chocolate energy chews is less than the size of a credit card and easily fits in a pocket or a purse.

Suggested retail price is $2.99 – $3.99 for a tin or only 50 cents each in over 30,000 vending machines nationwide.