Grab-and-go breakfast option combines bagels and cream cheese

Dec. 3, 2008

Many consumers are looking for a wholesome grab-and-go breakfast option, and Northfield, Ill.-based Kraft Foods might have a $100-million idea with the rollout of Bagel-fuls, a golden bagel and Philadelphia cream cheese rolled into one. It’s much more convenient and portable than Philadelphia To Go bagels, a refrigerated kit with a single-serve bagel, a one-ounce tub of Philly and a plastic knife, which launched in 2003, but failed to catch on.

Available in the frozen section, all you have to do is heat it in the toaster or microwave. Or you can store and eat it right out of the refrigerator. A good source of calcium and seven vitamins and mineral, Bagel-fuls have 200 calories or less, six grams of fat or less, 220mg of sodium or less and zero grams trans fat per serving. Plus, they meet Kraft’s Sensible Solution criteria.

Varieties include: Original (plain bagel with plain cream cheese), Cinnamon (cinnamon and brown sugar bagel with cinnamon cream cheese), Whole Grain (whole grain bagel with plain cream cheese); Strawberry (plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese) and Chive (plain bagel with chive cream cheese).

“Most people realize the importance of a good breakfast, but during hectic mornings they don’t often have time to prepare a warm, satisfying breakfast before getting out the door,” says Chitra Ebenezer, director of marketing for Kraft Cheese & Dairy.