Flatbread melts offer flavorful sauces, melted cheeses and high quality meats

Dec. 3, 2008

On average, Americans consume more than four sandwiches per week, with 28 percent of Americans eating more sandwiches than they did in prior years. With the popularity of sandwiches continuing to grow, so too does demand for distinct and new alternative lunch options. Consumers are now looking for a more sophisticated and adventurous meal that provides unique flavors and bread varieties.

Solon, Ohio-based Nestle Prepared Foods Co. rolls out Lean Cuisine Flatbread Melts, which are soft on the outside and include flavorful sauces, melted cheeses, high quality meats, and other ingredients on the inside. The Flatbread Melts are similar to a high-end lunch wraps typically found at a restaurant or café. However, Flatbread Melts offer a more convenient way to enjoy an indulgent meal without the guilt since they have only 330 calories and contain no more than nine grams of fat.

Varieties include: Chicken Philly, grilled white meat chicken, onions, peppers, pepperocini and a cheddar cheese sauce; Chophouse Steak, beef steak, onions, red peppers, blue cheese crumbles and a mild blue cheese ranch sauce; Pesto Chicken, grilled white meat chicken, sun dried tomatoes, red peppers and a creamy pesto sauce; and Chicken Ranch Club, white meat chicken, tomato, bacon, cheddar and mozzarella cheese with a ranch sauce in a delectable soft flatbread.

“Lean Cuisine Flatbread Melts give consumers new meal variety and a more sophisticated experience,” says Kristin Gibbs, director of marketing for Lean Cuisine. “Women want to be able to indulge their lunch cravings more often, and Lean Cuisine allows them to do so.”