Potato crisps come in convenient single-serving packs for nutritious snacking

Dec. 3, 2008

Batavia, N.Y.-based Brothers International Food Corp. introduces Potato Crisps, all-natural, fat-free potato chips using a revolutionary freeze-drying process. They contain no added oils, preservatives or added sugar — simply real sliced potatoes, fresh ingredients and sea salt.

Crisps come in convenient single-serving packs for nutritious, on-the-go snacking. They are fat-free, preservative-free and contain no peanut or tree nuts, gluten, soy or dairy. They are not genetically modified or engineered (non-GMO) and are vegan and kosher — making them an ideal choice for the many families dealing with food allergies and other restrictions. One-half cup serving of Potato Crisps is only 35-45 calories.

Varieties, available at retailers and served at Disney Theme Parks, include: Original with Sea Salt, Black Pepper and Sea Salt, Szechuan Pepper and Fresh Chives and Fresh Onion and Garlic.

“Our goal is to provide snacks parents feel good about serving their families because they're wholesome and free of confusing, artificial ingredients," says Matt Betters, co-CEO and president. "With new Potato Crisps, we're using our freeze-drying process to bring them a nutritious alternative to greasy potato chips and other lower fat, but still unhealthy chips on the market."