Stew offers the convenience of portable packaging

Dec. 3, 2008

Historically stew is a simple, hearty meal – one that regular eaters consider comfort food. Until recently, the category has featured more traditional meal options dominated by cans with limited variety. Responding to consumer demand for quick, convenient yet flavorful meals, Austin, Minn.-based Hormel Foods is tackling a big challenge: reinvigorating the stew category.

Hormel launches Dinty Moore Big Bowls, a concept that combines the top-selling stew with the convenience of portable packaging. Big Bowls are loaded with hearty chunks of meat and vegetables that satisfy true hunger – for times when regular soup just won’t cut it.

Ready in less than two minutes, Dinty Moore Big Bowls feature a larger, 15-ounce microwavable bowl with new varieties including: Traditional Beef Stew; Chicken and Dumplings; Scalloped Potatoes and Ham; Italian-style Stew with Meatballs; and Southwest Chicken Stew.