Ice cream treats feature a riddle in the middle

Nov. 19, 2008

Mars Snackfood US, Hackettstown, N.J., rolls out M&M'S Brand Ice Cream Treats - an ice cream bar on a stick that mirrors the look of classic M&M'S candy. Each bar contains vanilla ice cream covered in a chocolaty coating and dipped in a chocolaty colored shell (red, green or blue).

Every treat contains a riddle on the stick from M&M'S spokescandies Red and Yellow. The answer, hidden beneath the ice cream, can only be solved upon finishing all three layers of fun.

"We are really excited to launch M&M'S Ice Cream Treats and make them the summer's coolest treat," says Craig Hall, general manager-ice cream. "M&M'S Ice Cream Treats are bringing the classic fun and color that consumers associate with M&M'S Chocolate Candies to ice cream aisles and freezers around the country."

To support the launch, though mid-July, “Team Ice Cream” will blitz high-traffic areas donned in traditional uniforms consisting of white pants and shirts with colorful bowties. At each stop, there will be an Ice Cream Oasis — an interactive old-fashioned ice cream parlor — where Team Ice Cream will distribute coupons and samples so people can cool down with this treat.