Ground black pepper adds characteristic flavor to any meal

Nov. 19, 2008

Once the highly sought after “black gold” prize of early explorers, pepper is today the quintessential ingredient of every home kitchen and is loved in culinary circles for its sharp, penetrating aroma and characteristic flavor.

Hunt Valley, Md.-based McCormick introduces McCormick Smokehouse Ground Black Pepper (black pepper infused with an applewood smoke flavor) and McCormick Worcestershire Ground Black Pepper Blend (Worcestershire sauce artfully combined with black pepper to create an irresistible seasoning).

“Americans truly have a passion for pepper, exemplified by the 60 percent increase in pepper imports in the last 20 years alone,” says Laurie Harrsen, director of consumer communications. “For years, consumers have turned to the iconic pepper can to elevate the flavor of nearly any dish. Now, there are two bold new pepper flavors to add to the spice cabinet.”