Taking Infant Nutrition To The Next Level

Nov. 12, 2008

Latham, N.Y.-based Beech-Nut Nutrition Corp., a subsidiary of Hero Group of Lenzburg, Switzerland, offers a variety of firsts in nutritionally functional food for the baby aisle. The all-natural products range from a first-of-its-kind yogurt blend, fruit and vegetable juice drinks and new products enhanced with DHA, to dry cereals and jarred food varieties containing ingredients such as muesli, whole wheat and Alaskan wild salmon.

The 17 new products each feature functional benefits for baby that promote healthy digestion, enhance mental and visual development, improve concentration and encourage growth, depending on variety.

Beech-Nut claims to be the only major baby food brand free of added refined sugar. All Beech-Nut foods and beverages are all-natural with added vitamins and minerals, and its jarred baby foods contain no added salt, starches or refined sugars.

In an effort to offer parents more nutritious alternatives to regular juice, Beech-Nut adds four new 6-oz juice beverages to its portfolio. They provide baby with advanced nutrition through added DHA, prebiotics, soluble fiber and whey protein. Beech-Nut DHA plus+ Yogurt Blends with Juice-Mixed Berry and DHA plus+ Yogurt Blends with Juice-Tropical Fruit, contain DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), an omega-3 fatty acid that supports baby's mental and visual development, and prebiotics that stimulate the growth of "good" bacteria in a baby's digestive system while aiding in calcium absorption. Good Morning Chiquita Banana Juice with Yogurt contains soluble fiber for sustained nutrition throughout the morning, and improved concentration and learning for a good start to the day. And the new Good Evening Veggie Delight Juice beverage contains whey protein to help baby grow throughout the night, as well as prebiotics.

Beech-Nut also introduces new jarred and dry cereal foods that offer the latest thinking in infant nutrition with advanced nutrition and innovative ingredient combinations. The new Stage 3 DHA plus+ Sweet Potatoes & Wild Alaskan Salmon product is one example. Made exclusively with Alaskan wild salmon, this variety is the first-ever jarred seafood option for babies and offers the added functional benefits of DHA and prebiotics.

Many of the new foods also contain whole wheat, which is another infant nutrition first in the U.S. Whole wheat provides baby with added fiber, protein and magnesium, to promote healthy digestion, keep baby satisfied and help build strong bones. New whole wheat varieties include: Stage-3 DHA plus+ Whole Wheat Pasta Parmesan; Stage-3 Good Morning Whole Wheat, Oat Bran & Raisins, and Stage-2 Good Evening Whole Wheat Pasta in Tomato Sauce, and Good Evening Whole Wheat with Raisins.

The addition of muesli -- a combination of oats, whole wheat and fruit – also is new to the baby food category in America. Primarily found in breakfast food, muesli is high in fiber and offers baby a steady release of energy throughout the morning. New Beech-Nut products containing muesli include Stage 2 Good Morning Muesli with Yogurt & Raisins and Good Morning Muesli with Apples.

Other new jarred food varieties include: Stage 3 DHA plus+ Whole Grain Cereal with Raspberries; Stage 2 Good Morning Creamy Wheat with Peaches; Stage 3 Good Morning Rolled Oats with Apples; Stage 2 Good Evening Sweet Potato & Turkey; Stage 3 Good Evening Country Vegetables with Beef and Stage 3 Good Evening Vegetable Turkey Dinner.