All-natural, zero-calorie alternative to artificially sweetened diet cola

Nov. 5, 2008

Seattle, Wash.-based Zevia LLC launches Zevia, the first “all-natural zero-calorie alternative to artificially sweetened diet cola.” Zevia is a line of carbonated beverages that contains the natural herb stevia and is available in four flavors -- Natural Cola, Natural Lemon-Lime Twist, Natural Orange and Natural Ginger Root Beer.

Mainstream beverage companies are responding to consumer anxiety about artificial sweeteners and believe stevia is the answer. In fact, Coca-Cola Co. has partnered with food giant Cargill to develop Truvia. PepsiCo and Whole Earth Sweetener Co. (Merisant) are jointly developing PureVia. Stevia, an herb native to South America rain forests, is many times sweeter than sugar. For centuries, tribes there used it as a sweetener in native foods and medicinal teas. Stevia is widely accepted as an alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners, is readily available in health food and major grocery stores and is poised to have an important impact on the U.S. food industry.

Zevia, packaged in recycled aluminum cans, claims to be ahead of the game with a finished product available nationwide that offers consumers what they have been craving in the way of a thirst quenching, carbonated product utilizing the benefits of stevia.

“Because Zevia is the first and only zero-calorie brand that can claim to be truly all-natural, the company has been able to rapidly expand onto the shelves of high profile retailers,” says Jeff Taylor, Zevia’s national sales manager. “Fortunately for us, attaining shelf space hasn’t been an issue as much as getting Zevia there fast enough to meet demand.”

Suggested retail price for a six-pack is $4.99.