Butter Blend Sticks feature the cooking qualities of butter with half the cholesterol

Oct. 1, 2008

Paramus, N.J.-based Smart Balance Inc. launches Smart Balance Butter Blend Sticks in a one-pound box. Each stick contains 50% real butter and 50% Smart Balance Buttery Spread for use in cooking, baking and serving.

Each quarter-pound stick, which makes measuring for cooking and baking easy, offers the fresh-churned flavor and cooking qualities of butter, but with 28% less saturated fat than butter and half the cholesterol, making them a better choice for health-conscious consumers.

Varieties, which carry celebrity chef Bob Greene’s Best Life Seal of Approval, include: Smart Balance Butter Blend Stick Regular; Smart Balance Butter Blend Stick Regular with Omega-3; and Smart Balance Butter Blend Stick Unsalted with Omega-3.

"The new Smart Balance Butter Blend Sticks provide the great flavor and quality of butter in a healthier form," says Greg Venner, executive vice president and chief consumer officer. "From cookies and cakes to sautéed vegetables, healthier baking and cooking has never been tastier or more convenient."