Bite-sized chocolate is specially crafted for an indulgent experience

Oct. 1, 2008

The Hershey Co., based in Hershey, Pa., launches Hershey's Bliss Chocolate, a rich, creamy, bite-sized chocolate indulgence.

Available in three unique expressions — Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Meltaway, Hershey's Bliss Chocolate is specially crafted to ensure that every detail contributes to the overall chocolate experience.

The slightly domed shape of the individual square fits the mouth perfectly, allowing the chocolate to melt evenly as creamy chocolate notes cascade across the tongue. The finish is satisfying and sophisticated, a lasting reward.

"The chocolate masters at Hershey created Hershey's Bliss for consumers who appreciate the everyday joys in life," says Michele Buck, senior vice president and global chief marketing officer. “Hershey's Bliss Chocolate is meant to celebrate that joy.”