Recaldent actively protects, strengthens and rebuilds tooth enamel

Oct. 1, 2008

You no longer have to say no when your kids ask you if they can chew gum. Cadbury Adams USA LLC, Parsippany, N.J., is taking oral care to the next level with Trident Xtra Care with Recaldent, clinically proven to actively protect, strengthen and rebuild tooth enamel.

A unique form of calcium derived from milk, Recaldent increases tooth remineralization (strengthening) over and above the salivary stimulation from regular sugar-free gum. Cadbury Adams holds exclusive rights in the U.S. to use Recaldent in gum, and Trident is the only gum brand that contains this ingredient.

Available in two flavors, Peppermint and Cool Mint, Trident Xtra Care builds upon the success of other recent innovations from Cadbury Adams.

“Cadbury Adams has an extensive history of developing innovations in chewing gums, and Trident Xtra Care represents a significant advance in the chewing gum category,” says Doris Tancredi, vice president of regulatory and emerging science, Cadbury Schweppes Americas Confectionary. “Recaldent is a powerful ingredient that actually replenishes calcium and phosphate to remineralize and protect teeth by filling in the tiny crevices where cavities can form. The result is that teeth become stronger and less vulnerable to future damage.”