Maple syrup isn't just for pancakes anymore

May 9, 2008

Citadelle, one of the world’s largest maple processors is introducing a newly-patented and proprietary processes specifically designed to expand worldwide industrial use of pure maple syrup flavor profiles.

The cooperative’s latest innovations — Maple Butter, Clearly Maple and Pure Maple Syrup Concentrate—all derive from pure maple syrup. It’s through Citadelle’s patented and proprietary processes that these products are the only maple flavor profiles of their kind available to restaurants and the food-processing industry.

Product Profiles
Maple Butter and Clearly Maple are the result of a patented process that allows Citadelle to change the sugars found in traditional maple syrup and create a shelf-stable product ideal for industrial use. Both products are equally versatile as a spread or baking ingredient with no refrigeration or freezing necessary.

  • Clearly Maple begins as a pure maple syrup, and then is altered using a processing aid that is added—then removed—to create a higher invert sugar content. The resultant product is honey-like in consistency and made of only pure maple syrup.
  • Maple Butter is essentially Clearly Maple that has been whipped into a matrix of microscopic crystals giving it a rich, creamy look and intense maple flavor profile.

Pure Maple Syrup Concentrates (available in Medium and Dark) are the result of a proprietary process that allows Citadelle to reach an even higher level of maple flavor without additional ingredients or processing aids. 

  • Pure Maple Syrup Concentrates are produced by removing nearly half the sucrose content found in pure maple syrup. The resultant product contains a higher level of pure maple syrup minerals and even higher maple flavor profile. Concentrates are cost-effective; therefore, smaller quantities are needed to achieve the same delicious and compelling flavor.

Product Usages
The unique tastes found in these products present a wide range of uses in any Chef’s kitchen or industrial food application. All three formulas are perfect for not only “sweet” environments, but for savory mélanges such as a barbeque or baking sauces. 

Ice cream manufacturers seeking pure maple flavorings can employ all three products when developing recipes. Maple Butter and Clearly Maple are especially reformulated via vegetable fat and a gum that makes them soft and chewy to withstand freezing temperatures. This resiliency makes them ideal for swirling into a variety of ice cream flavors. Pure Maple Syrup Concentrates are best used when combined with a premix before the ice cream is made, achieving an all-over pure maple flavor profile.

When creating a barbeque or baking sauce under high heat, traditional maple syrup tends to reduce, then suddenly burn due to its high sucrose content. Because nearly 30 percent of the sucrose in Clearly Maple and Maple Butter has been changed to invert sugar, the products will reduce, then slowly thicken and caramelize before burning. Citadelle’s revolutionary processes, offer a versatile and controlled product that holds up to the heat.