Convenient supplements for people on the go

April 7, 2008

AM Nutritionals of Dayton, New Jersey, announced a new level of dietary supplement convenience for anyone desiring a refreshing energy boost. TheraFizz Energy is packaged in sealed “sticks.” To use, open a convenient stick, pour the powder contents into water, stir, let fizz and drink. (Any water source will do — no more need to carry cumbersome bottles of sports drinks or spring water.)

TheraFizz Energy dissolves instantly into a sparkling effervescence, creating a citrus-flavored drink delivering a comforting energy boost. The degree of citrus flavor depends on the amount of water used: 16 ounces for mild flavor; eight ounces for robust flavor, 12 ounces for moderate flavor. For a real true zing, try TheraFizz Energy in as few as four ounces of water.

Each serving is eight calories and contains essential B and C vitamins (100 mg Vitamin C, 5 mg Vitamin B6, 10 mcg Vitamin B12) plus Green Tea and Guarana for natural energy, and Amino Acids to aid digestion and metabolism. TheraFizz Energy contains no sugar — and less caffeine than a cup of coffee.

AM Nutritionals makes a growing line of advanced health and nutrition products for people on the go. The firm is a leader in the dietary supplement industry by demanding truth in labeling, ingredient safety, and product potency, all while remaining on the cutting edge of nutritional science.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Adminstration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.