Energy-efficient oil-less air compressors are ideal for food facilities requiring oil-free air

Feb. 21, 2008

Curtis Air Compressor’s line of totally oil-less ZW Series Oil Free Screw Compressors are ideal for installation in energy-conscious food and pharmaceutical facilities requiring oil-free air. The units recently were installed in a laboratory requiring oil-free air for instrumentation and atomization of chemicals. The fixed-speed water-injected ZW compressor, along with its reverse osmosis water purification system, is designed to fulfill that requirement while delivering up to 15% energy savings over dry screw type compressors. Using the reverse osmosis system, all contaminates are removed from the water to provide clean, flat water to prevent contamination buildup on the internal components.  

Curtis Oil-Free compressors are designed for totally oil-less air, free of any hydrocarbons. The ZW Series units are highly efficient with low operating temperature. Slow running speeds with direct coupling (no gears) and low operating temperatures ensure high reliability. Ongoing service costs are low with no oil filters, oil separators or oil to dispose. Total water filtration, cleaning and automatic flushing ensure high air quality. Variable Speed Driven ZWV 50 compressors offer an additional 30-35% energy savings and long life cycle service to customers with variable air demand.