Perfect Puree of Napa Valley / Hayward Enterprises, Inc.

July 8, 2005
Fruit Purees Provide Flavor Culinarians Can Count On
Perfect Puree of Napa Valley offers frozen fruit purees in dozens of flavors to help chefs and food processors create fabulous dishes from numerous national and regional cuisines, including:
  • Classic European
  • Mediterranean
  • Middle Eastern
  • Regional American
  • Tropical
  • Pacific Rim/International Asian
  • American Southwest
  • Latin
The product line boasts a wide range of flavors, including White Peach, Kiwi and Pink Guava. Among the most popular are four of the firm's eight original flavors: Red Raspberry, All Apricot, More Mango and Roasted Sweet Red Pepper.While purees made from scratch can be inconsistent, time-consuming and expensive, chefs have praised Perfect Puree products for their "great, true flavors, good consistent thickness and texture."¹ Perfect Puree founder Tracy Hayward achieves her consistently high standards, by cultivating relationships with reliable fruit and vegetable suppliers and establishing tight processing specifications for sweetness/sugar content (Brix), viscosity (fruit pectin) and acid ratio (pH).¹Emily Luchetti, executive pastry chef at Farallon in San Francisco and named one of the 10 best pastry chefs in America by Chocolatier magazine, as quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, July 11, 2003.