Trinity Springs Ltd.

June 7, 2005
Nutrient-fortified Water Line Offers Deep Refreshment
The Trinity Enhanced line of flavored, nutrient-fortified water products made its debut at FMI. Available in five flavors, Trinity Enhanced is the only nutrient-enhanced beverage made with pure deep-spring water.For 16,000 years, this water filters through crystal-lined fissures in a 2.2-mile-deep, protected source within the Idaho Batholith aquifer. It emerges lightly mineralized and pure from America’s only QAI Certified Source.Choose from five flavors: Revive, with B vitamins and electrolytes in fruit punch flavor; Think, with vitamin A and gingko in a kiwi and berry flavor; Strength, with vitamin C and taurine vitamins and amino in wild fruit flavor; Multi-Essential, a blend of the antioxidants C and E, plus B-complex and calcium in orange flavor; and Energize, with ginseng and vitamin C in citrus flavor. Suggested retail price for each 20-oz. bottle is $1.59.