Izze, Inc.

May 3, 2005
Pomegranate soda garners sparkling reception
Izze Beverage Company recently launched its seventh flavor, Sparkling Pomegranate. Izze Sparkling Juice, an all-natural blend of pure fruit juice and sparkling water, is free of caffeine, artificial ingredients, high-fructose corn syrup, and all other refined sugars.“Sparkling Pomegranate is our most versatile flavor yet – the taste is clean, light and refreshing, plus it makes an excellent culinary complement,” said Izze Beverage Company CEO and founder Todd Woloson. “We chose Pomegranate as our seventh flavor based on its complex flavor profile, and on the quantity of customer suggestions we’ve gotten through our website.”Initially available in a four-pack of 12-ounce glass bottles, IZZE Sparking Pomegranate joins existing IZZE flavors Sparkling Blackberry, Sparkling Blueberry, Sparkling Clementine, Sparkling Grapefruit, Sparkling Lemon, and Sparkling Pear. Besides the 12-ounce bottle, the other six flavors are also sold in four-packs of16-ounce glass bottles, and in 8.4-ounce cans.